Product System

Tower Beidou Differential Positioning System

The system uses wireless communication technologies such as differential GPS/Beidou technology, GPRS/3G/4G and LORA to realize remote monitoring of the attitude of the tower line. The operation and maintenance personnel can understand the settlement/displacement/deformation of the tower anytime and anywhere, which can be used for daily operation and maintenance. It is convenient to come and improves work efficiency.

On-line monitoring system for tower insulator leakage current

The system uses the leakage current collection device installed on the top of the insulator string to monitor the leakage current of the insulator due to pollution, moisture and other factors in real time, and sends the monitoring information to the remote monitoring center through the GSM/CDMA/GPRS or 4G network.

JC-TLOM600B Transmission Line Insulator Contamination Online Monitoring System

JC-TLOM600B transmission line insulator contamination online monitoring system, capable of real-time monitoring of insulator salt density, ash density, air temperature, and relative humidity in high-voltage operating environment, and sending the monitoring information to the remote monitoring center via GSM/CDMA/GPRS or 3G network , The monitoring software running in the monitoring center performs data storage and display, and calculates and analyzes various parameters to obtain the insulation level of the insulator.

JC-TLOM300A Line Visualization Monitoring System

The image and video online monitoring device of the transmission line is composed of a front-end monitoring host, a camera, a solar panel and a storage battery. The monitoring host receives real-time or regular requests from the monitoring center (such as adjusting the resolution, adjusting the focal length, pan-tilt rotation, sampling time interval, real-time picture request) and starting the camera to work, and the camera video image data is digitized and compressed and encoded , Sent to the monitoring center through 4G/GPRS/CDMA wireless network, electric power dedicated network, and decode the video stream and data signal in the monitoring center, you can see the live video picture taken by the camera.

Smart bolt

In the construction of transmission lines, the status of transmission towers is related to the safe operation of transmission lines. However, these devices are affected by harsh environments during long-term use, and various components, connections between components and the entirety will be damaged or deformed to varying degrees.

JC-TLOM400A Transmission Line Pole Tower Inclination Online Monitoring System

The system adopts solar panel + battery power supply mode, which is easy to install. After it is put into operation, the operating department can keep track of the working conditions of the pole and tower in time, so as to effectively prevent accidents caused by the inclination of the pole and tower.

JC-TLOM400B Tower Foundation Settlement/Displacement Online Monitoring System

The on-line monitoring system for the settlement/displacement of the transmission line tower foundation mainly completes the measurement of the inclination angle of the tower, and can also collect meteorological data such as ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction according to customer needs. It is sent to the monitoring center through the GPRS module, and the monitoring center software judges the inclination and settlement of the tower. The monitoring center can set the remote parameters of the extension, such as the sampling time interval of the extension and real-time data request, etc. The monitoring centers of the municipal bureaus and the provincial company monitoring centers adopt LAN networking.

JC-TLOM300C Transmission Line Micro-meteorological Online Monitoring System

Transmission line micro-meteorological online monitoring system is a set of multi-element micro-meteorological monitoring system designed for the meteorological environment monitoring of transmission lines in special locations.

JC-TLOM300B On-line Monitoring System for Mountain Fire Prevention of Transmission Lines

Infrared thermal imaging wildfire online monitoring system is installed on the observation platform of the iron tower. The front-end system infrared detector detects the environmental heat source. Once abnormality occurs, the system will perform image/video compression processing on the scene environment and transmit the processed signal through the channel To the monitoring master station, and to receive the monitoring master station instructions through the channel, to provide reference to our fire command department, and at the same time to carry out automatic alarms so that timely measures can be taken to avoid economic losses.

JC-TLOM200/MOA Transmission Line Lightning Arrester Online Monitoring System

JC-TLOM200MOA transmission line lightning arrester online monitoring system (hereinafter referred to as this system) is a new high-tech product developed by our company for the needs of the power system. The current detection of this system adopts a single-turn through-core current sensor to achieve full isolation and no residual voltage sampling.
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