Product System

Smart manhole cover monitor

The intelligent manhole cover monitor independently developed by the company only needs to install a terminal on the back of the existing manhole cover to realize the purpose of intelligently monitoring the manhole cover. It does not need to build a base station or signal receiver. It is small and easy to install. The appearance is sealed, and only external magnets are needed to switch the machine. Corrosion resistant, flame retardant, pressure resistant, shockproof, waterproof grade IP68

Smart electronic lock manhole cover

It is divided into active type intelligent electronic lock manhole cover and passive type intelligent electronic lock manhole cover. Active smart electronic lock manhole cover: The unlocking and locking supports remote remote unlocking (real-time online mode) and on-site application for unlocking (semi-offline mode); among them, the on-site application for unlocking is opened and closed through the network authorization method, which is handled by the handheld mobile terminal APP; the active alarm reporting process is initiated by the manhole cover And upload the encrypted data to the monitoring platform, and then pass it back to the State Grid platform for processing. Passive intelligent electronic lock manhole cover: Passive intelligent manhole covers use electronic keys/mobile handheld terminals (Mobile Phone/PDA) supply power to the electronic lock of the manhole cover, and open and close the lock through the network authorization method to realize the control of the entrance and exit of the channel.
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