Product System

JC-OM400D High Voltage Cable Partial Discharge Online Monitoring System

The JC-OM400D high-voltage cable partial discharge online monitoring system adopts a modular design scheme. The partial discharge pulse current signal at the cable body and the joint is coupled through the high-frequency current sensor installed on the ground wire of the cable joint; the coupled pulse current signal It is transmitted to the front-end monitoring collector through a coaxial cable, and the analog signal is amplified, filtered, and converted into a digital signal, and then transmitted to the test host through an optical fiber. The test host performs classification, identification, analysis and calculation on the signals of all sensors, and writes the discharge information data obtained through calculation into the database, and displays the monitoring results on the software panel of the monitoring system.

JC-OM300 distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system

The distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system uses the spontaneous Raman scattering signal and optical time domain reflection (OTDR) principle generated when light is transmitted in the optical fiber to obtain spatial temperature distribution information, which is dedicated to online temperature monitoring of power cables, tunnels, and subways. . A system that uses one (or more) ordinary optical fibers and one terminal device to achieve temperature measurement at up to several thousand points within a range of several kilometers is realized.

JC-QD631 Poisonous and Harmful Gas Comprehensive Online Monitoring System

The JC-QD631 toxic and harmful gas comprehensive online monitoring system is composed of a gas alarm controller and a gas detector. It is convenient to install and network and centrally control multiple monitoring points. Each channel is automatically displayed, and each channel is automatically inspected and locked. When the concentration of the detected gas in the environment reaches or exceeds the preset alarm value, the alarm will immediately sound and light alarm to remind the staff to take safety measures, and drive the exhaust, Cut off and spray the system to prevent explosion, fire, and poisoning accidents, thereby ensuring safe production. The products are widely used in dangerous places where flammable, explosive and toxic gases exist, such as gas, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on.
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