Product System

JC-311 passive wireless temperature online monitoring system

JC-311 passive wireless temperature online monitoring system uses surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices as sensors, combined with wireless temperature collectors to realize the collection and transmission of sensor information. The sensors are installed on the measured point and can be connected without a connection. The temperature information of the measured point is transmitted. The sensor itself does not need power supply, and does not need to take electricity from the power equipment, so it has outstanding safety, reliability and maintainability. This technology is a disruptive technology in the safety online monitoring of high-voltage equipment, and is a breakthrough in the real-time temperature monitoring technology of high-voltage equipment in smart grids.

JC-OM400K switchgear local on-line monitoring system

The JC-OM400K switchgear local on-line monitoring system detects the electromagnetic wave radiation accompanying the partial discharge. The system scans the electromagnetic wave radiation in the frequency range of 10~100MHz and automatically determines the actual detection frequency of the partial discharge on site, and then the detection data is based on the partial discharge Pulse cluster counting mode display. This system is an online monitoring device for detecting, analyzing and continuously monitoring the partial discharge signal in the high-voltage switchgear. As shown in the figure below, the JC-OM400K host in the system is used to process and digitize the signal obtained from the UHF sensor, and the upper computer is used to screen and analyze the partial discharge signal, complete the partial discharge pulse numerical record, and monitor the development status of the partial discharge volume. And other functions.
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