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JC-TLOM100 intelligent high-voltage grounding box comprehensive monitoring system

Circulating current detection of high-voltage cable metal sheath is an important technical detection work for the daily operation and maintenance of main network cable lines. The existing traditional mode of grounding circulation technology detection work mainly relies on manual measurement by operators with clamp-type ammeters and quarterly inspection cycles, which cannot effectively and real-time reflect the grounding circulation, and it is not convenient to maintain the health level of the main network cable line. monitor. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a system that is both anti-theft and real-time online monitoring to solve the current cable circulation, cable sheath voltage, cable temperature, and equipment safety issues in the current real-time operation of power cables. According to the above-mentioned current requirements, the intelligent high-voltage cable grounding box developed and produced by our company has a built-in high-voltage cable online monitoring system to monitor the status of grounding circulation and the insulation status of cable intermediate joints to ensure the safe operation of power cables.

JC-TLOM300C channel video perception and intelligent analysis management system

=JC-TLOM300C channel video perception and intelligent analysis management system uses image registration, image segmentation, deep learning identification and other technical methods to analyze video and image data from business lines, real-time early warning monitoring, and comprehensive monitoring of equipment Operating status, and can complete logical processing, Internet information push, such as MMS, corporate WeChat notification, and other business operations according to the associated strategy

JC-TLOM900 Transmission Line Crossover Distance Online Monitoring System

The on-line monitoring system for the crossing distance of transmission lines is mainly composed of a movement mechanism and a measuring device. At the same time, five transmission lines with clear colors (with the background range can be set according to the field of view) are set at equal intervals (the spacing can be set according to the field of view) within the system's field of view. Large difference) feature mark points. The movement mechanism realizes the adjustment, fixation and recovery of the position of the system device on the transmission line, so as to facilitate inspection and maintenance of the staff. The design of the movement mechanism adopts a simple thread-grabbing movement mechanism similar to the line-following robot, which can be remotely controlled. The fixed installation position of the system is the vertical transmission line directly above the crossover position of the overhead transmission line. Since there are fewer obstacles on the line in the middle section of the tower, the accurate adjustment of the position of the measuring device on the transmission line is realized in a rolling manner. The measuring device realizes online monitoring of the crossing distance of transmission lines at different voltage levels, and is mainly divided into five parts: binocular image acquisition unit, embedded system unit, system communication unit, power supply unit, and remote terminal monitoring center.

Comprehensive monitoring ball for transmission line conductor status

With the rapid development of social economy, all walks of life have put forward higher requirements for the quality and quantity of power supply, and the safety of line operation has become an important indicator of power grid reliability. At present, the main factor threatening the safe and stable operation of the line has changed from the original equipment factor to the external force damage, such as the suspension of foreign objects, municipal engineering, large-scale machinery hitting the line, etc. The transmission line often lacks real-time monitoring and leads to the occurrence of transmission line accidents. Special R&D and design of transmission line conductor monitoring system to provide early warning of such incidents. When the equipment that affects the safety of the transmission line is close to the arming area, the monitor sensing device system will promptly detect and activate early warning information, such as flashing voice, information, image capture and other functions. Some monitors can be linked with the background.

Multi-rotor UAV Intelligent Inspection System for Transmission Line

The function of the multi-rotor UAV automatic driving intelligent inspection system is mainly to realize the automatic driving of the UAV under the premise of ensuring the safety of the transmission line and the safety of the UAV, carry out the fine inspection of the transmission line, and intelligently analyze the operation data, and finally Form a job report. According to the high-precision tower coordinates and height information collected in the early stage, the intelligent terminal of the system can automatically plan the optimal UAV laser modeling flight route, and control the lidar UAV to realize the lidar automatic flight. Upload high-precision laser point cloud data to the aircraft patrol operation platform. The platform automatically plans the drone's refined inspection autopilot route based on intelligent algorithms, and feeds the route feedback to the smart terminal, and then the RTK drone can be controlled for real and automated driving flight. Patrol operations. Upload job data to the machine patrol operation platform. The platform uses artificial intelligence image recognition algorithms to identify and extract job photos, classify defects, rename, and archive, and generate job reports. Transmission line multi-rotor UAV automatic driving intelligent inspection system is mainly composed of three parts, namely intelligent terminal, flight platform and aircraft inspection platform. Among them, the intelligent terminal receives the automatic flight route information sent by the patrol operation platform to realize the intelligent control of the flight platform UAV, and at the same time transmits the operation data to the aircraft patrol operation platform for analysis and processing. The flight platform completes the collection of various operation data and transmits the data to the intelligent terminal and the aircraft patrol operation platform. The machine patrol operation platform plans the autopilot route according to the operation data, and performs post-photo processing.

On-line monitoring system for strain clamp temperature of transmission line

During the long-term operation of high-voltage transmission lines, problems such as surface oxidation and corrosion, loosening of imprisoned bolts, and poor contact contact often occur in fittings and clamps, which cause overheating of the equipment, which leads to fires and large-scale power outages, resulting in major economic losses. Loss and serious social impact. Therefore, real-time temperature monitoring of strain clamps on transmission lines is very necessary. However, due to the high voltage during the operation of the transmission line and the distance from the ground, it is difficult to conduct manual inspections or wire temperature measurement. For a long time, the power operation department lacked effective means for real-time temperature monitoring of high-voltage transmission lines. An online monitoring system for the temperature of strain clamps of transmission lines based on wireless sensor network technology came into being. The on-line monitoring system for strain clamp temperature of transmission lines uses high-precision temperature sensors attached to the wires to collect the temperature of the wires, and sends the collected information to the monitoring center in time through the GSM/CDMA/GPRS or 3G network, so as to realize the detection of the wires. Real-time monitoring of temperature. The system uses high-energy batteries and solar panels + storage batteries for power supply, and according to customer needs, adopts the method of induction to obtain electricity, which is easy to install. After being put into operation, the operation department can timely grasp the heating condition and development trend of the wire, and scientifically arrange the online capacity increase of the transmission line based on this parameter, improve economic efficiency, and improve the safe operation of the line and the level of information management.

Smart spacer

Transmission line conduction (ground) line icing galloping, wind deviation, deicing jump, sag increase (such as when the ground line is icing), etc., may cause the phase-to-phase and relative-to-ground distance to change, resulting in line fault tripping, and tower structure Damage, even serious damage such as falling tower. The intelligent spacer bar realizes real-time online monitoring of wind deviation, galloping, distance to ground, and working temperature of high-voltage transmission lines, and provides early warning to avoid the above-mentioned accidents on transmission lines, and can reduce maintenance and maintenance costs. Intelligent spacers use the design concept of mechatronics to integrate miniaturized, low-power motion sensing, laser ranging, temperature monitoring and other sensors, sensing energy modules and wireless communication modules into traditional spacer fittings, and use line induction to acquire energy. Technical power supply to realize real-time online monitoring of wind deviation, galloping, sag, temperature, etc. of transmission lines

Smart Transmission Line Internet of Things

为进一步推进输电运检信息化和智能化建设水平,我司积极与电力公司开展技术交流,靠前谋划,拟共同建设人机协同与智能传感相结合的全感知智能运检示范项目。 本线路通道沿线包括村庄、农业开发用地、林木茂密的山地、重要交跨、河流、湿地公园广场和城区等多类型场景,供电负荷较In order to further advance the level of informatization and intelligent construction of power transmission and transportation inspection, our company is actively carrying out technical exchanges with power companies, planning ahead, and planning to jointly build a full-sensing intelligent transportation inspection demonstration project that combines man-machine collaboration and intelligent sensing.高,具有输电线路典型性特征,适合作为示范线路。此外,线路位于运检部附近,对于项目的实施和管理,较为便捷。
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