Product System

Intelligent lighting controller

The intelligent lighting controller is a special equipment for the intelligent substation auxiliary system to control the lighting of the substation. It has RS465 communication and network communication interfaces, 8 switch inputs, 8 linkage inputs, and 8 light control outputs, which can realize the functions of local light control, remote computer control, security alarm linkage and image alarm linkage. Apply B45 interface photoelectric isolation and power isolation technology, effectively suppress lightning, lightning, ESD and common ground interference, and adopt standard: standard Modbus RTU/TCP protocol. It has excellent compatibility, and the installation method is standard 1 rack type.

Distributed Optical Fiber Linear Thermal Fire Detector (DTS)

Distributed optical fiber linear temperature-sensitive fire detector (DTS) is a real-time, online and continuous temperature measurement system. It is a high-tech product integrating light, electricity, signal detection, and computer technology. It has real-time monitoring and measurement. The characteristics of high temperature accuracy, long measuring distance, accurate positioning, intrinsic safety and immunity from electromagnetic interference can be widely used in the following fields to truly prevent problems before they occur.

Cable tunnel online monitoring system

With the development of economy, the high and low voltage lines of cities, industrial and mining and national defense construction gradually realize cable entry, and cable tunnels have gradually become the main method of urban power supply. However, tunnels are not like overhead lines, which can be carried out on the map with the naked eye. Inspection and fault finding require assistance based on science and technology, and a comprehensive online monitoring system for cable tunnels is indispensable. The cable tunnel online monitoring system is mainly composed of two parts: the front-end device and the back-end monitoring and analysis software. The front-end part monitors the cable body and the tunnel environment through sensors, and transmits the monitoring data to the back-end monitoring and analysis center, so that the relevant department staff can check the tunnel The environment is monitored remotely, and if an abnormality occurs, corresponding maintenance measures can be taken in time and accurately.

Data transmission base station

Receive sensor data and upload data via Ethernet.

Convergence Controller

The sensor data is gathered and uploaded.

Sound and light alarm (JC-DL/1-09)

JC-DL/1-09 type sound and light alarm uses high-brightness LED as the luminous body, high-tech electronic stroboscopic transmission principle, longer service life. The new PC material is anti-fall and anti-aging, sturdy and durable, and has strong stability on equipment with high vibration and impact. The alarm performs sound and light alarm actions by monitoring the alarm output signal of the host, reminding the on-site staff to deal with the alarm information in time.

JC-SJ-ZN01 water immersion detector

Circuit detection principle: The photoelectric water immersion sensor adopts the photoelectric liquid level sensor head as the sensitive unit, using the principle of total internal reflection, and is realized by the luminous tube and the detector in the plastic dome inner cover of the head of the device. The sensor is a relay dry contact output type. When the sensor penetrates into liquid, the node changes from closed to open.

JC-SB-ZN01 Intelligent Water Pump Control Unit

Overload protection, stable operation Customizable output control power Strong anti-interference and stable performance

JC-DG-ZN01 Intelligent Lighting Control Unit

Overload protection, stable operation Customizable output control power Strong anti-interference and stable performance

Access control electromagnetic sensor

Aluminum alloy material: The door magnetic switch adopts aluminum alloy metal material, which is stable and safe to use. The connecting wire adopts 22# wire with a total length of 270mm. Suitable for use on walls, wooden door frames and cabinet doors; High adsorption magnetism: The door magnetic switch adopts sealing design, closed magnet, high adsorption magnetism, and more stable use; Wide applicability: The door magnetic switch has a fully sealed waterproof and dustproof design, which is suitable for installation in various environments, is not easy to be damaged, and has a long life. Comes with mounting screws, easy to install, suitable for wooden frames, walls and cabinet doors.

JC-MJ-ZN01 Access Control System

Can control single door/double door/four door Support wiegand26/34 interface card reader, fingerprint and other biometric card reader All I/O ports have overvoltage protection Output relay interface normally open / normally closed optional High current relay output interface, which can drive any kind of door lock Support various door opening methods such as swiping card, card + password, pure password, etc.

JC-GS200 Series Intelligent Integrated Gas Detector

Detection principle: methane: infrared; Oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, temperature, humidity: electrochemistry; Detection gas: methane (CH4); oxygen (O2); carbon monoxide (CO); hydrogen sulfide (H2S); hydrogen (H2);

Temperature and humidity transmitter (JC-DL/1-08)

The temperature and humidity transmitter includes a temperature and humidity measurement unit and a communication unit. The temperature and humidity measurement part adopts a digital output temperature and humidity module, which has the characteristics of high accuracy and good repeatability. In summary, the transmitter can monitor changes in environmental temperature and humidity in real time and online, and upload the detected data through the RS-485 bus.

C-9644 smoke sensor

This product uses a first-line brand smoke gas sensor probe to measure the concentration of smoke in the air, and it has a high sensitivity to smoke in the higher concentration range. This product uses imported 485 chips and multiple protections for the 485 interface, which can effectively cope with the interference of surges and pulses in the industrial field. It can communicate reliably within the full baud rate range of 1200-115200, which is at the leading level in the industry.

JC-SW-ZN03 water level sensor

With reverse polarity and current limit protection; laser resistance temperature compensation; programmable adjustment; anti-vibration, anti-shock, anti-radio frequency electromagnetic interference: strong overload and anti-interference ability, economical, practical and stable.
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