Product System

Tunnel video security monitoring system

The system has real-time storage, playback, retrieval, and query functions. On-duty personnel can always pay attention to the construction situation inside and outside the cave, so as to achieve anytime, anywhere (Remote access by mobile phone can be realized) Timely and accurately supervise it to protect the safe construction of the tunnel. Its physical structure is divided into three parts: image acquisition terminal, data transmission, and monitoring center. The collection terminal is responsible for image information collection, and digitally compresses and encodes the collected images into digital signals, and transmits the digital information to the monitoring center through a wireless network bridge. The video monitoring system of the monitoring center analyzes the digital signals and monitors them. The implementation screen is displayed.

Tunnel electronic manhole cover monitoring system

The intelligent manhole cover monitoring system uses the current advanced wireless communication technology, power supply technology, and sensor technology to incorporate the state of the manhole cover, the state of the underground environment, the opening of the manhole cover, and the inspection of the manhole cover into the unified maintenance management system, and establish the corresponding alarm processing Mechanism, the status of the manhole cover and the alarm content are displayed through the electronic map. If the manhole cover is stolen or damaged, the monitoring personnel can go to the scene to deal with it in time and quickly Resolve safety hazards. The system can realize the data collection, real-time display, diagnostic analysis, fault alarm of various security signals of the manhole cover, so that the dispatch center, operation and maintenance station, and management departments can intuitively understand and master the operation of the underground pipeline network

Tunnel integrated monitoring system

The tunnel integrated online monitoring system mainly consists of a distributed optical fiber temperature measurement system, a tunnel environment integrated monitoring system and a tunnel integrated monitoring center platform. It uses modern high-tech electronic technology, sensor technology, computer network technology, communication technology, and embedded technology. Collect and analyze data of cable tunnel environment, equipment and facilities, realize remote monitoring of cable tunnel equipment, and have the functions of data communication, data query, and parameter setting management.
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