Wireless lightning arrester online monitoring system based on Internet of Things protocol

The current passing through the zinc oxide resistor is called the leakage current of the zinc oxide arrester, and is also regarded as the total leakage current of the arrester. In principle, the smaller the better. Leakage current can reflect the insulation of the arrester and is an important means to judge the quality of the arrester under the operating voltage. For this reason, the wireless arrester leakage current sensor we developed is an online lightning arrester leakage current monitoring device based on a wireless sensor network designed for the above problems existing in the arrester. It uses wireless Internet of Things technology for online monitoring, which greatly reduces the amount of labor and fills the gap that the current resistive current cannot be monitored online in real time. The equipment complies with the "☆Power Equipment Wireless Sensor Network Node Networking Protocol", which improves the reliability of data transmission and good environmental adaptability.


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Product Details

Full current measurement range: 50μA~10.0mA/effective value; measurement error: ±3﹪

Record the cumulative number of discharge actions: 0~99 times, accuracy rate: 100﹪

Discharge action count response value: 8/20μS≥50A/(peak value)

Impact residual pressure: 4/8μS 5kA/≤1.5kV/peak

Acquisition phase number: three-phase (A·B·C)

Sending methods: two types, active (automatic) and passive (manual).

Sending interval: standard 15 minutes once (can be adjusted according to user requirements)

Alarm threshold setting: select a value within the measurement range.

Power supply mode: solar + lithium battery.

Applicable environment: used outdoors. -30℃~70℃<95℅RH (non-condensing);

Transmission method: 2.4G/470M LORA network (support IoT micro power/low power consumption wireless protocol

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