Distributed comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system for power cable status

This system is suitable for comprehensive monitoring of the operating status of power cables of 110KV and above, supports GPRS network, provides real-time monitoring data to maintenance personnel, reduces the workload of inspection personnel, and achieves early warning for long-term changes in monitoring points. Prevent emergencies from happening. Real-time understanding of the operating status of the high-voltage cable, by monitoring the partial discharge of the cable, the circulating current of the cable's high-voltage sheath, and the cable optical fiber temperature measurement system (DTS), and on this basis, the real-time core current carrying capacity is analyzed, and the operating status of the cable is monitored. Provide reliable data for maintenance personnel. Through GPRS, CDMA and other wireless transmission methods, the relevant data such as partial discharge, temperature and circulation are transmitted to the back-end server, and then forwarded to the handheld terminal through the server, so that the operation and maintenance personnel can keep abreast of the operation of the cable at any time. Through the three aspects of data, more Effectively judge the running status of the cable.


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Product Details

Partial discharge online monitoring

PD detection sensitivity: 5pC (the distance between the discharge source and the test point is less than 3m)

PD maximum measurable: 10000pC

HFCT bandwidth: 300KHz--30MHz analog input bandwidth;

Sampling rate: 100MS/s single sampling;

Working temperature: -40℃~85℃;

Cable sheath circulating current online monitoring

(1) Measuring range: 0.1A~30A; error range: 1% 0.1A.

(2) The waveform of the ground current can be recorded, and the waveform can be further analyzed in the time domain and frequency domain.

(3) After the test is completed, the development trend chart within a certain period of time can be displayed.

Cable temperature online monitoring

Measuring range: 0℃~125℃; error range: 1℃

Spatial resolution: ≤±1m

Positioning accuracy: ≤±0.5m

Single channel measurement time: no more than 8 seconds (under the conditions of a spatial resolution of ±1 meter and a measurement range of 8 kilometers, the temperature accuracy is ≤±1ºC)

Test channel port: 8 channels

Cable ambient temperature monitoring

The range is -30℃--150℃, which is convenient to assist in the calculation of current carrying capacity.

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Current monitoring sensor of arrester in switchgear

Full current measurement range: 0.050 ~ 5.000mA Full current measurement error: ± (standard reading ×1%+5μA) Record the cumulative discharge times :0 ~ 99 times Power supply: DC24V Communication interface: RS-485

Ground resistance sensor

Power supply: dc6 ~ 12V Range: 0.01 Ω- two hundred Ω  Accuracy: ± 2%rdg ± 3dgt(20℃ ± 5 ℃, below 70% RH) Communication mode: RS485 Protection grade: IP54

High frequency current sensor

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Switch cabinet partial discharge sensor (UHF)

The system adopts UHF principle to conduct local discharge monitoring of high voltage switchgear to ensure the effective monitoring data, and increase system reliability. Ultra low power consumption and 485 bus communication mode are adopted. It is applicable to switch cabinet and ring network cabinet. Each cabinet is equipped with one set to realize the power / qualitative measurement of local discharge. It can be directly connected to the system host without the limitation of host channel.)

Switch cabinet partial discharge sensor (UHF + AE two in one)

The system adopts UHF + AE principle Ultra low power consumption and 485 bus communication mode are adopted, It is suitable for switch cabinet and ring main unit to realize the quantity / qualitative measurement of partial discharge

Intelligent air conditioning / dehumidification linkage device

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