Distributed fault location monitoring and pre-alarm system for transmission lines

The distributed fault diagnosis system of the transmission line obtains the traveling wave current at the time of the fault through the monitoring terminals installed on the conductors in a distributed manner, determines the fault location, and uses intelligent identification technology to analyze the fault waveform characteristics and identify the fault as a lightning fault or a non-lightning fault. In the case of a lightning failure, a lightning shielding or counter-strike failure will be further separately issued. The transmission line fault diagnosis method based on distributed monitoring overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods that require the installation of monitoring equipment on the poles and towers one by one. You only need to install a set of monitoring devices every 20 to 30 kilometers across the entire line to achieve full line fault monitoring. The current technology is advanced and practical, lightning strike/non-lightning fault identification and location system.


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Product Details

Fault location error: ≤100m

Reliability of interval positioning: 99%

Accuracy rate of lightning fault identification: ≥95%

Recognition accuracy rate of lightning counter strike/shielding strike failure: ≥90%

Single conductor traveling wave current measurement range: 5-5000A

Continuous recording time of traveling wave current: ≥1000us

Traveling wave current test accuracy: ≤5%

Single conductor fault current measurement range: 10A~15000A

Continuous recording time of fault current: ≥500ms

Power frequency current measurement accuracy: ≤5%

Communication method: support telecom/mobile/unicom/APN card, support 2G/3G/4G/WIFI communication method

Positioning: Beidou/GPS positioning

Timing accuracy: synchronization clock accuracy ≤0.1us

Power supply mode: support three methods of induction/solar power/induction+solar power

Induction power supply: load current adaptability 20A~1500A, backup battery ≥48 hours

Solar power: No light working time ≥20 days

Quality: <4kg

Working environment: temperature -40°C-85°C

Protection level: IP66

Mean time between failures: ≥25000 hours

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