JC-OM100 Transformer Oil Chromatography Online Monitoring

The detection sensitivity is high, and the minimum detection limit for dissolved C2H2 in oil can reach 0.1ppm. Pumpless vacuum degassing technology does not require a vacuum pump, which improves the reliability and stability of the system. The oil and gas separation is safe and reliable, and does not pollute. The discharge and non-discharge of transformer oil can be selected by the user; The oil and gas separation speed is fast, only about 15 minutes, and the special environmental adaptation technology is adopted to eliminate the influence of temperature and humidity changes on the gas distribution coefficient; It can detect H2, CO, CO2, CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6 and more than seven kinds of gas and micro water content in transformer oil, and can upload spectrum, spectrum and other raw data is completely open to users. Use a dedicated composite chromatographic column to improve the separation of gas components; Use imported special detector to improve the detection sensitivity of hydrocarbon gas; High-stability, high-precision gas detection technology, with an error range of ± 10%; Strong environmental adaptability, successfully applied to high-cold, high-temperature, high-humidity and high-altitude areas; High anti-interference performance, electromagnetic compatibility performance meets GB/T17626 and IEC61000 standards; Two-level alarm function is provided, and the alarm signal can be transmitted remotely; Open database, which can be connected to the local area network of the power system; Faster analysis cycle, the minimum monitoring cycle is 60 minutes, which can be set by the user, and the recommended detection cycle is 12 hours; The analyzed oil sample adopts degassing and buffer treatment technology to eliminate the bubbles contained in the oil sample of the re-injected transformer body. Multi-layer isolation re-injection (oil return) technology absolutely guarantees that the carrier gas will not be brought into the transformer body; The lowest detection limit of C2H2 can reach 0.1-0.5 μ L/L; The system is equipped with secondary gas threshold alarm and growth rate alarm functions. The alarm concentration and growth rate can be set arbitrarily. Equipped with an expert system for judging latent faults, the latest oil chromatographic fault diagnosis technology adopts the IEC60599 standard and the improved fuzzy three-ratio method, David's triangle, cubic diagram method and other methods, which users can choose at will. With historical data trend graph query, report format display and printing functions, it is convenient to compare the monitoring data longitudinally, so as to analyze the transformer operation status and fault development trend. Support the IEC 61850 communication standard, optical fiber or twisted pair is optional. The system has a high degree of integration, and the components can be equipped with iron core ground current and ambient temperature and humidity monitoring functions. It adopts dual-loop multi-mode constant temperature control, with a temperature control accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃, and the equipment is equipped with an automatic constant temperature industrial air conditioner; The functional interface circuit adopts optocoupler isolation design to further improve the anti-interference performance of the system; Using Ethernet, it can realize all-digital, remote data transmission, control and parameter setting; High scalability, can be easily integrated with other monitoring devices; No cylinder design, no need to replace the carrier gas every year, greatly reducing the amount of after-sales maintenance, and there is no high-voltage container next to the transformer, the equipment safety is fully guaranteed, and there are no safety hazards. The analysis software has a friendly man-machine interface, an all-Chinese interface, simple operation and rich system functions. The core device has a standard 19-inch rack structure, compact structure, small size, easy maintenance and screen assembly.


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