SMS and voice module (JC-DL/1-12)

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SMS and voice module (JC-DL/1-12)

1. Function introduction

The SMS and voice module is used in conjunction with the background monitoring software. It mainly completes the conversion of GSM SMS data and voice dialing into a standard RS232 serial communication protocol function. It is connected to the computer through the RS232 serial port. When the data exceeds the limit, it can work through the SMS and voice module. The personnel send text messages or voice calls to remind the staff to deal with potential safety hazards in a timely manner.

2、Main Specifications

☆ Working environment temperature: -25~+70℃

☆ Working environment humidity: <98%

☆ Power supply: DC7.2-9V (with power adapter)

☆ Communication interface: RS232

☆ Baud rate: 9600bps