Product System

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

FC-5604 temperature and humidity sensor uses high-precision temperature and humidity probes, using LoRa wireless transmission mode, without on-site wiring, replacing traditional wired data acquisition products. The data measurement is accurate, the transmission sensitivity is high, the bit error rate is low, the installation is simple, the cost is low, and the service life is long.

JC-SW-ZN03 liquid level sensor

The liquid level sensor uses a high-performance pressure-sensing chip, combined with advanced circuit processing and temperature compensation technology, to convert pressure changes into linear current or voltage signals.

JC-ZY-ZN03 Wireless Noise Sensor

Transformer noise sensor, using DC12V or battery power supply, used to obtain the noise signal of the transformer and convert the sound signal into a voltage signal.

Wireless SF6+O2+O3 sensor

Ultrasonic detection technology for sulfur hexafluoride detection overcomes shortcomings such as short service life and poor stability; the oxygen detection unit adopts imported sensors from the United States, which has high measurement accuracy and stable performance; the ozone detection unit adopts imported sensors, which have high measurement accuracy and output performance. Stable and long service life;

Access Controller

This product can control single door/double door/four door Support wiegand26/34 interface card reader, fingerprint and other biometric card reader Support various door opening methods such as swiping card, card + password, pure password, etc.

Air conditioning controller

The air conditioner controller receives remote signals through RS232 or RS485 to control the on/off of the air conditioner and the corresponding mode and temperature, and has the function of self-starting upon incoming calls.

Infrared thermal imaging sensor

This product is often used in power supply systems, 10KV, 35KV power distribution rooms in the civil field. Advantages: 1. Real-time temperature measurement, visualization of defects, retrospective accidents 2. Non-contact, safe and reliable

Wireless smoke detector

The smoke detector (hereinafter referred to as the detector) adopts a unique design structure and photoelectric signal processing technology, and has the functions of dustproof, insectproof, and anti-light interference. It is suitable for fire pre-alarm in places such as electric power, petrochemical, household, warehouse, etc.

Wireless water sensor

The water immersion sensor uses a contact probe and a LoRa wireless transmission method, eliminating the need for on-site wiring, replacing traditional wired data acquisition products. The data measurement is accurate, the transmission sensitivity is high, the bit error rate is low, the installation is simple, the cost is low, and the service life is long.

JC-OM900 battery online monitoring system c system

The JC-OM900 battery online monitoring system is generally composed of a battery monitoring module (hereinafter referred to as the monitoring module) and a monitoring host. In some applications, only the monitoring module is available, and the monitoring module can operate independently. The monitoring module part includes a main module, several expansion modules, current transformers, and ambient temperature sensors. The monitoring host includes a server and dedicated monitoring service software, providing data viewing and remote control. In addition, depending on the actual situation of the site, it may also include 1U mounting ears for installation on the cabinet or battery rack.

JC-311 Passive Wireless Temperature Online Monitoring System

JC-311 passive wireless temperature online monitoring system uses surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices as sensors, combined with wireless temperature collectors to realize the collection and transmission of sensor information.

Wireless temperature online monitoring system

The wireless temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of the surface or contact of high-voltage live objects, such as the operating temperature of exposed contacts in high-voltage switch cabinets, busbar connections, outdoor switches and transformers. The wireless temperature sensor is composed of a temperature sensor, signal conditioning and amplification, logic control circuit, wireless modulation interface, etc. (as shown in the figure below). The sensor sends the collected temperature signal to the wireless temperature monitor via the wireless network.

JC-PDHJ 100 Intelligent control device for operating environment

The JC-PDHJ100 operating environment intelligent control device is a high-tech environmental control device used in substations, power distribution rooms, ring mains, etc. that require real-time monitoring of the operating environment.

JC-HJ100 series substation (distribution) intelligent environment synthesis

JC-HJ100 series substation (distribution) intelligent environment integrated monitoring device is an intelligent monitoring device integrating switch input, switch output, downstream communication acquisition, background communication alarm and other functions, covering the industrial control and monitoring system The functions required for on-site collection can be flexibly configured according to the specific requirements of various applications. The intelligent collection host.
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